Always On Incremental Measurement promises to make marketing even easier

The company dedicated to maximizing application marketing performance, Machine Advertising, has recently announced Always On Incremental Measurement (AIM). This artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform is intended to provide marketers in the iGaming industry with the real-time information needed to reduce cost-per-acquisition (CPA), optimize budgets and scale campaigns like never before.

It has long been noted that iGaming marketers face a number of challenges, including scaling performance. The intention behind the creation of AIM is to maximize scale in a much wiser way, ensuring that iGaming marketers have the ability to optimize their ad spend and achieve a lower CPA. All of this can be achieved without the need to compromise on the desire to scale or acquisition objectives.

Through predictive analytics and AI, AIM opens a door for marketers to implement acquisition strategies on a paralegal basis and for wider audiences, leaving the fear of losing control of their budgets behind.

The developers of AIM ensure that the platform works efficiently with current marketing systems and existing media sources. One advantage is that there is no need for technical integration, a lengthy implementation phase, or even access to user data.

Data privacy is guaranteed through its plug-and-play approach. In addition, this format ensures that the campaign is not interrupted while providing iGaming’s marketing specialists with new insights within 48 hours of going live.