Artificial intelligence and security testing help software developers create safer gaming solutions

Dynamic application security testing (DAST) has been greatly supported since the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). Both tools have been combined to enable developers to test and validate open-source software more effectively. Thanks to this, iGaming operators can further automate testing tasks and filter out data and false positives faster than any human. Security will no longer be a factor they have to constantly worry about.

AI and DAST techniques hold great promise in the areas of threat analysis, detection and response. Their ability to apply advanced, logic-based analysis techniques can greatly ease the burden on security administrators and enable them to take reasonable and effective action in response to any type of threat.

For example, analysis of user and entity behavior can help detect malicious insiders as well as hostile external attackers infiltrating the network and its assets. Network traffic analysis is another area where AI can shine. The volume of network traffic in an online casino is often massive and conducting a thorough and continuous analysis that would be not only difficult but impossible with human efforts alone.

AI and DAST can improve security automation processes by codifying many routine and repetitive tasks into workflows, allowing security staff to focus on threat resolution and other mission-critical efforts. The bottom line is that regardless of its evasive tactics, malware almost always exhibits certain, often subtle, behaviors that can be discerned by analyzing the vast amounts of data generated on a typical network. And that is precisely what AI and DAST do very well.