The coronavirus is fast-tracking AI advancements for gambling action

Many sectors of the online gaming industry are being enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI), with many more to come in the near future. Technology has held hands with the sector ever since its beginnings, with video games offering ideal testing fields for computer-controlled opponents that were trained to beat the best players. AI has come a long way since then, and it has started to transform not only the online industry, but technology advancements are being integrated into gambling land-based facilities to bring the ultimate experience to users. The benefits that AI is bringing to this sector are endless, and the coronavirus has forced additional advancements as operators need better automated solutions.

AI is now immersed in emerging technologies that aim to have better intelligent systems that can learn from experience. It has help games to appear more realistic through its integration into other technologies such as virtual reality (VR). In past times, gaming scenarios presented limited choices, which will lead to a certain number of outcomes. That scene has been replaced with games awaiting a game’s character’s decision to move forward, allowing more freedom and flexibility inside of the virtual worlds.

A smaller portion of the gaming industry, the gambling scene – both online and physical – has been transforming since AI has come up with new tools designed for this segment. Online casinos and gambling sites are relying on AI to help establish patterns of fraud and security breach through sorting information collected from players’ accounts, such as locations, devices used, etc. This can also be taken to the land-based casinos, which, in the same safety approach, are testing facial recognition technologies to easily identify banned players or any other action that AI can recognize to be out of normal.

For users, the future holds even more excitement with endless opportunities to have a good gambling experience in a more personalized way. Technology allows for emerging devices to evolve to the point in which it can be made accessible to the masses and lower costs.