Artificial intelligence is making it easier for iGaming companies to deliver new products

Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) develops computer systems that simulate the cognitive abilities of people, which are used to solve tasks quickly and accurately. In the iGaming industry, game developers have implemented this technological tool and machine learning (ML) to obtain endless benefits when carrying out their activities.

Thanks to the use of ML, a branch of AI that collects data through an automation system, operators have been able to obtain very valuable information from the users of this market segment. This information is then put into the hands of game developers in order to find out which games really appeal to users on a daily basis.

ML makes games smarter and more efficient by creating new and not-so-repetitive experiences. Some of the features that stand out are speech recognition and the ability to add realistic voices without the need to record a real human voice to create dialogues in games. It is also possible to automatically analyze images to tag them in the library, predict player behavior, and detect fraud in the case of fraudulent purchases.

On the other hand, ML refers to a machine or automatic data processing system. It involves the interpretation of data without supervision or human intervention to generate the most appropriate response or action.

Using algorithms, online casino games can recognize preferences and detect the right time to carry out an event or recommend a service, all based on reference numbers that are assigned to users. In other words, no names or personal information is shared in the system.