The transformation of the online gaming space is going to move faster in the new year

2020 has already seen a lot of advancements in the iGaming space, propelled primarily by the move to more online gaming because of COVID-19. As the market segment continues to evolve, there will be a lot more innovation in the new year, and casino operators and gamblers can expect much of that innovation to center on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR).

One of the common complaints about online gaming is the lack of a “real” casino feel. VR and AI are helping casino operators overcome that drawback, providing a more social atmosphere and realistic gaming experience online. Augmented reality, essentially a subset of VR, is finding substantial interest on the part of operators and is easy to implement without the need for additional hardware. As a result, AR solutions in the iGaming space should rapidly be introduced in 2021.

AI is also going to help support easier signups for iGaming platforms. The technology allows operators to ensure they properly adhere to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) guidelines while, at the same time, offering a greater amount of security for users. AI is capable of identifying whether the user signing into a platform is the legitimate owner of the account and can also prevent questionable withdrawals or deposits to keep funds safe.

AI and VR will also continue to advance in the sports gambling segment in 2021. The technology has already seen an introduction this year and, as sports gambling becomes more popular in the US, there will be a continuing need to provide innovative solutions that will allow operators to remain competitive.