AI innovation isn’t just for online casinos, as more land-based operators are learning

The stage has been set for an entirely different gambling industry going forward. Artificial intelligence (AI) has already helped online casinos introduce more options to users and provide better security, but the innovation isn’t found only in the online segment. As AI becomes more fashionable, it is facilitating the improvement of virtual reality (VR), which, in turn, is lending its talents to land-based casinos, as well. If gamblers can’t go to brick-and-mortar properties, then those properties will go to the gamblers.

VR is making it possible for land-based casinos to copy every corner of their properties and replicate them in a virtual world. Gamblers are going to be able to step inside a virtual casino from their own living room, experiencing every bit of the property as if they were there in person. If it weren’t for the advancements seen in AI, this ability wouldn’t exist. The combination of AI and VR is helping foster a new era of development that is going to lead to a complete paradigm shift in how gambling is viewed.

Not only can gamblers visit casinos through VR, but AI is creating the games and gambling activity to offer a completely immersive experience that rivals what is found when visiting a land-based casino in person. Not necessarily in the same class as online casinos, these VR alternatives are providing a solution to allow retail casino operators to extend their footprint without having to spend millions of dollars on new development. The end result is going to be an entire casino industry that looks nothing like what is seen today.