Adding artificial intelligence tools to the development of sports betting platforms offers tremendous

enhancementsQuarter4, a predictive sports data and analytics company, announced Thursday that it had partnered with DraftFuel to power its content engine for next season’s NFL Season. The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) as one of its core tools, providing unparalleled analytics solutions as a result.

Quarter4 and DraftFuel have reached an agreement that will see their predictions and data in Quarter4’s fintech app, alongside lines and odds from various sportsbook partners. This will allow DraftFuel customers to wager with the DraftFuel Discover Prepaid Card.

DraftFuel, which was launched at the end of last year, acts as a dedicated gaming fund. It allows funds to accumulate by either collecting daily transactions spare change or automatic transfers of a predetermined percentage of a user’s bank deposit. This reduces gambling risks by restricting play with “true discretionary money.”

Quarter4’s chief sales officer Danijela Covic stated that DraftFuel wants to provide casual bettors new funding options. Quarter4’s predictive analysis, with its sharpness and intuitiveness, will give those bettors the confidence to stay on DraftFuel and to wager through the platform’s partners in sports betting.

Covic stated that the partnership will add value to a market segment that has been largely ignored in engagement efforts. It will empower casual bettors with “advanced analysis, elevated content, and a new heightened overall gambling experience.”

Quarter4, which recently expanded its data and predictive offerings to include the WNBA, uses automatic predictions generated by a deep-learning neural network to support online casinos, sportsbooks and daily fantasy operators. Quarter4 engages with customers by providing them with betting content that is suitable for both newbies and seasoned veterans.

DraftFuel was the latest partner in the supplier of AI-powered analytics. It can produce as many as two million predictions per hour and is updated at least once every 15 minutes.