A new end-to-end augmented analytics platform makes it easier for casino operators to follow data

Subex, a pioneer in Digital Trust, has launched HyperSense, an end-to-end augmented analytics platform that helps businesses make faster, better decisions by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) across the data value chain. This could prove especially beneficial to online casino operators looking to enhance their data analytics capabilities as the iGaming space continues to grow and become more competitive. AI is more adept at analyzing massive amounts of data in short periods of time, making it ideal for casino operators looking for an edge.

HyperSense was developed based on Subex extensive data analytics experience and contains all the augmented analytics capabilities companies need, built into a single platform. The platform’s unique no-code capabilities give users with no knowledge of coding an easy way to aggregate data from disparate sources and turn that data into insights by building, interpreting and tuning AI models, while effortlessly sharing their results throughout the organization.

Augmented analytics uses enabling technologies such as AI and machine learning to enhance data preparation and insights. It is beneficial to experts and non-data scientists because it automates many aspects of data science, including model development, management and deployment of AI models.

AI is still in the early stages of meaningful adoption in most businesses, but the casino industry has been quick to adopt the technology. HyperSense, a cloud-native platform, includes a number of pre-built analytics use cases in marketing, finance and technology verticals to help ease adoption. In addition, users can take advantage of the HyperSense platform to develop their own tailor-made, AI-powered analytics applications. It can be integrated with existing data management infrastructures or used as a standalone, plug-and-play data analytics solution.