Artificial intelligence continues to evolve to keep casinos safer

Knightscope is recognized as the global pioneer in launching mobile, fully autonomous security robots (ASRs) in public spaces. The firm, launched in 2013, aimed to find a more effective means of deterring crime while minimizing the risk to law enforcement officers. Services such as these are in high demand in casinos, which unfortunately continue to have high crime rates, especially robberies. The properties are undoubtedly finding a solution in the artificial intelligence (AI) implemented by Knightscope.

While the concept of automated policing was something out of a movie, Knightscope has made it a reality, and it is having a huge impact on casinos around the world. Based on autonomous driving technology, the fusion of robotics, vehicle electrification and AI, Knightscope delivers an unparalleled experience.

Combining all of these innovative technologies, the company has brought to life an agile platform into which various types of sensing capabilities and other technologies can be integrated to provide actionable intelligence. Knightscope has developed mobile robots that are fully autonomous and have five types of sensors, similar to humans but with much greater acuity.

Through ASR, casinos are able to detect known threats, reducing resort violence and providing a more comfortable environment for all players. ASRs also provide security in parking lots (high-risk locations in casinos) by using exception monitoring to identify license plates of cars that do not belong there.

The security robots, through their audio functions, are able to provide two-way communication, allowing them to act as a public address system with broadcast capability. As a result, the robots can communicate with aggressors to reduce tension in hostile situations.