The nascent subset of artificial intelligence technology is finding support in the casino industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven itself to be a valuable asset to casino operations and now has something else to brag about. Behavioral biometrics is a newer segment of AI innovation that enhances authentication to improve identity protection, and is rapidly gaining favor in the online casino market as operators continually look for ways to improve security. This helps improve the customer experience, as well as protect the gaming platform from negative exposure.

Behavioral biometrics is used in conjunction with geolocation tools and machine learning to authenticate digital consumers. It examines behavior patterns, such as how users hold their devices, how they swipe and how they interact with their smartphones and tablets, allowing for more robust authentication protection for the users. The collected data is able to be analyzed in real-time, meaning there is no lag between authenticating and accessing the mobile casino platform.

Logically, it takes some time for behavioral biometrics to learn patterns that can then be used to provide better consumer protection. However, with mobile devices being constantly accessed multiple times each day, that training process is able to occur quickly. AI algorithms are able to rapidly understand the smart device’s hardware and changing factors such as hand pressure, wrist tension and more, using this data to form a complete picture of the user. This level of security, combined with other options such as two-factor authentication and other forms of biometrics, is making it easier for casinos to protect their users, which leads to a safer gaming experience and better customer satisfaction.