Sportsbooks are incorporating AI-based products to help gamblers protect themselves

For years, technology companies have been at the service of casino operators creating tools to improve revenue but to ensure compliance, as well. Most gambling venues have their own policies when it comes to responsible gambling, and it has been one of the most difficult aspects to control. There are artificial intelligence (AI) machines that were created for gambling operators to analyze data to possibly identify gamblers who might develop or are already manifesting gambling problems to tackle the situation better. An AI-application that can be installed on each machine to enforce some control among gamblers who are facing suspicious behaviors is exactly what Anonymous Player Awareness System’s (APAS) real-time algorithm can do.

It is described as a “cooling off” application that can be tracking the gambler’s behavior motion by motion. The system analyzes possible behavioral patterns such as chasing losses, playing erratically, speeding up the game or, spending too much time on the machine. One the application has detected a possible risk, it will lock the device for at least 30 seconds so a person in charge can assist the player for a Responsible Gambling Interaction (RGI). Besides that, the machine will display several warnings and advice to gamble in a safer way.

Another feature integrated to this solution is a separate mandatory automatic alert, which will be triggered every 20 minutes. In this way, all players will need to take a shorter 20-second break period. Staff will also receive an alert when a machine performs this action.

The UK already has these AI devices on all gaming machines that see the most addictive playing pattern. This technology comes from the recently-formed Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), and it was presented as part of the Responsible Gambling Week in the country last year. This effort follows up increased concerns regarding the growing numbers of gambling addicts, including thousands of children.