The platform allows the iGaming industry to better understand how their operations perform

Optimove, a leading CRM marketing solution for the iGaming ecosystem, announced today the launch of World Cup Pulse. This industry benchmark tool is for iGaming operators, and allows them to use artificial intelligence (AI) to assess their performance against standard KPIs.

Marketing teams now have access to industry benchmarks and key performance indicators in real time, giving them visibility into the rest of the industry, broken down country by country, for the first time at a World Cup tournament. Now, operators can conduct comparative analyses using AI to see how their performance compares to industry averages.

The World Cup Pulse is free to operators, marketers and the general public. It’s based on anonymous data gathered from more than 100 brands of sports gambling, including big-name operators and small operators. The solution covers average bet amounts, bet amount distributions, retention rates, reactivation rates and conversion rates.
Motti Colman, Senior Director of Sales at Optimove, explained, “The time when operators stumble in the dark, uncertain how they measure up against the industry is over. This is an unprecedented World Cup in terms of the total number of matches, timing, and location.”

This tool displays statistically significant data for the five previous weeks at any moment. This data is compared with a baseline date of June 2022, when no major football events took place. Operators can gain insight into the impact of mega-events like the FIFA World Cup on player behavior.

Colman added, “Understanding how behavior changes daily is more important than ever as operators attempt to navigate uncharted waters in a one-of-a-kind World Cup. For the first time in World Cup history, operators, previously limited to their own data, can stop the guessing game and easily access industry statistically valid insights and benchmarks like never before, allowing them to make data-driven decisions in real-time.”