Darktrace is improving artificial intelligence to offer better protection to online companies

Artificial intelligence (AI) is trained by consuming billions of data artifacts from structured and unstructured sources, such as blogs and news publications. Through machine learning and deep learning techniques, AI improves knowledge to better “understand” cyber threats and risks in different online casinos. More and more operators in the iGaming industry are using new technologies, especially AI. One such tool, the Darktrace PREVENT family of products, seems to be reporting strong demand as online casinos seek proactive cybersecurity solutions.

Darktrace, a world leader in AI-based cybersecurity tools, announced that PREVENT has been one of the most widely consumed packages by online casinos looking to prevent cyberattacks, rather than waiting for breaches to occur. It has been less than three months since its launch, and Darktrace has seen the longest list of customer subscriptions of any product launch in its history.

The tool is used by many operators in order to identify their biggest vulnerabilities or weaknesses, leaving them open to attack. This comes at a time when cyberattacks continue to account for billions lost in the iGaming industry.

Fortunately, PREVENT comes to combat gaming and already offers a preventative and predictive approach to addressing cyber threats and business risks. In order to “think like the attacker,” the tool uses AI, to find paths to an organization’s most critical assets from the inside and out. AI and machine learning are constantly improving cybersecurity capabilities to the point where it could be argued that the next generation of defense relies heavily on these technologies.

AI systems collaborate by categorizing attacks according to the threat level. Cybersecurity managers, in turn, assign the priority with which each must be addressed, starting with those most dangerous to the operator’s information estate.