Some may oppose the idea, but facial recognition has a legitimate place in keeping casinos safe

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition are being used by major casino operators across the globe, mainly to help them quickly identify a person that should not be there, although it has plenty of other functionalities, as well. The process consists of having casino visitors having their faces scanned using cutting-edge cameras that can then compare that image to a database of people who might present a risk to the company. Facial recognition is being used for multiple purposes, such as identifying customers with gambling problems, possible threats of criminal activity, or people banned from entering a facility and even to know more about customer behavior within the casino.

Once the face of a person is scanned, the image is automatically compared – with the help of customized algorithms – to multiple databases. This includes known criminals, ban lists and self-exclusion lists. At the same time, operators are taking full advantage of all the opportunities this technology can bring and are using it to continue monitoring people even after they are already playing inside of the venue just to find out more about their betting patterns. The data can be used to tailor new and more effective loyalty programs and bonuses that can be modified to fit someone’s specific needs.

Another advantage is that facial recognition software can cut down operational costs for casinos as the technology can significantly reduce the number of security staff needed for each shift, not only at the entry but also on the casino floor itself. The implementation of facial recognition is still new in the gambling industry, but it develops quite fast alongside AI.

Casinos deal with multiple types of people who visit casinos for different purposes. Some look to spend small amounts of money gambling and others try to earn money but sometimes spend large amounts. Once a player’s face is identified, it becomes easier to follow the customer’s behavior on the floor to determine if he or she is a slot machine player or which table games are preferred. This is one of the ways in which casinos are enhancing the customer experience, by making sure they are paying more attention to the most valuable customers thanks to the capabilities of this technology.