Artificial intelligence makes it easy for iGaming operators to comply with ID regulations

People are currently in an era where machines, software and various automatic processes are transforming a large part of the world’s productive activities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a very important role in this transformation. One of the most promising fields of application of AI is the so-called identity verification process, where agility, scalability, and security have become a priority, especially for those companies in the iGaming market with online verification scenarios.

Developments in AI promise, without a doubt, to solve many of the challenges related to identity verification. With AI, online casinos can automate biometric and document authenticity validations with degrees of confidence approaching those of a human expert. The ability to process millions of transactions at a pace unattainable for teams of human validators certainly helps this process.

Verification of the authenticity of documents is performed by automatically extracting textual information from the document’s photo or video, confirming its elements’ positions and identifying holograms. In many cases, the documents have barcodes that allow verification of the extracted textual information. All these analyses can be automated thanks to advances in computer vision, a sub-area of AI that deals with the analysis and processing of images and videos.

Facial recognition technologies make it possible to identify a person by analyzing the characteristics of his or her face. The process is performed by matching a previous facial record of the player with a facial record at the time of identification or validation of a given transaction. Different automatic AI models that extract features on the symmetry of the elements of a face or more sophisticated deep neural network models can be employed for this task.