Compliance with anti-money laundering protocols is at the forefront of all iGaming operations

The variety of games in online casinos has long been an ideal target that was often misused for money laundering. Of course, this procedure is and always has been illegal, but nevertheless, “dirty money” was “cleaned” in casinos when it was played. To the fortune of the iGaming market, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a savior of Anti Money Laundering (AML). Lucinity Anti-Money Laundering Software (LAMLS) is one of the latest solutions that many operators could turn to in order to avoid these illegal actions on their platforms.

LAMLS was created by a team of security experts to help support the growth of the global payments ecosystem as it expands in the coming years. It’s no secret to anyone that AML can be a complex area, and as technology advances, it can seem like a challenge for any online casino to keep up.

Lucinity and its team have focused on making its anti-money laundering software user-friendly, creating a real opportunity for any iGaming operator to change the game with respect to financial crime exposure. The functionality of this software is incredible thanks to its implementation of AI, which also helps productivity to be enhanced.

LAMLS will definitely become an ideal tool for online casinos that plan to keep growing. Strong protection is necessary to ensure the growth of the global payments ecosystem. This is something that Lucinity has worked to achieve with software that is simple yet has what it takes to make money laundering a problem of the past.