Advances in AI is making machine learning more powerful and giving online casinos more control

The term algorithm is inherent to computer operations. It is programming used to produce expected computational results, but what is expected by a computer is not always what is intended by programmers. Machine learning (ML) has helped improve computer programming dramatically, relying on the advances seen in artificial intelligence (AI) to become smarter and more efficient. This has had significant benefits to the online gaming industry, which is utilizing the technology to help improve several operational areas.

ML and AI, working together, are able to provide much greater insight into consumer habits. Online casinos are taking advantage of the technology to offer a better customer experience, learning from individual user patterns to make suggestions on what games should be played next. It is also helping operators evolve quicker, introducing new options that AI has determined would be more popular.

The technology also allows for better player protection. With problem gambling a constant topic among gaming regulators, the ability of casino operators to prevent a problem before it begins will help pacify those regulators. ML and AI are making this possible, automatically identifying potential problems that need to be reviewed.

AI has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until a few years ago when the technology showed how it could teach itself and become better at certain games. That led to the integration of AI into iGaming back-end activity, enabling rapid expansion of new games and options that were previously not possible. As AI continues to advance and become smarter, it will also continue to become a standard component of all iGaming operations.