Protecting servers and network equipment is easier with artificial intelligence

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) applications have improved considerably around the world. With the growth of corporate activities at work, cloud computing became a central part of the AI evolution. Added to this, as gamers use their devices more frequently, operators in the iGaming industry are becoming more aware of the need to bring that technology to those devices to be closer to customers and better serve their needs. This is why the Edge Computing market will continue to grow in the coming years.

Edge AI is a system that uses Machine Learning algorithms to process data generated by a hardware device locally. The device does not need to be connected to the Internet to process this data and make decisions in real-time, in a matter of milliseconds.

This significantly reduces the communication costs associated with the cloud model. In other words, Edge AI brings the data and its processing to the closest point of interaction with the user, be it a computer, an IoT device, or an Edge server.

Edge AI eliminates the privacy issue of transmitting millions of data and storing them in the cloud, as well as the bandwidth and latency constraints that reduce data throughput. Accelerating decision-making and making data processing more secure are some of the benefits of Edge AI.

Operators can also enjoy higher speeds for data that is processed locally. This significantly improves processing speed compared to cloud computing.

In addition, data security is improved and that is of utmost importance in this industry. AI systems on the Edge perform most of the data processing locally. This greatly reduces the amount of data sent to the cloud and other external locations. As a result, exposure of sensitive data directly to cyber criminals is eliminated.