The Saratoga Casino has deployed the novel AI software to enhance its customer interaction

OPTX is a Las Vegas-based tech company that delivers artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to the casino industry. Its platforms analyze complex player data to deliver real-time insights and recommendations to casino operators and the company continues to expand its portfolio of clients in the US. The latest addition comes by way of Colorado, where it has just added the Saratoga Casino Black Hawk to its portfolio.

OPTX was founded in 2019 by former casino executives. The company aggregates all casino data to give operators an innovative view of their business that can help enhance their marketing and operational integrity. Its platform is available via desktop and mobile applications, creating data intelligence that produces actionable recommendations for casino operators. It also provides real-time individualized insights and empowers teams to use resources more efficiently. Data can be compiled and new strategies to increase guest visitation, revenue and profitability can be implemented more quickly.

“We are thrilled to partner with the talented team at Saratoga Casino Black Hawk. With the property positioned in a highly competitive market, OPTX will help leadership drive change through the platform’s insights and action,” said Brooke Fiumara, Co-Chief Executive Officer of OPTX.

By incorporating OPTX, the Saratoga Casino Black Hawk now has access to flexible tools that will allow it to better understand its players and property. “OPTX is going to be a transformative tool for our property, helping us modernize the way we measure and manage our business. OPTX is a real-time, end-to-end solution that does everything from player engagement to artificial intelligence-based recommendations for our slot floor,” said Tim Morrissey, General Manager of Saratoga Casino Black Hawk.