Artificial intelligence in the payments space provides a major safety net for gaming operators

The trend of online transactions is growing, and with it, the need to ensure consumer security. Therefore, artificial intelligence (AI) software provider Robobai has joined forces with B2B payment processing company Boost Payment Solutions to provide operators in the iGaming industry with a tool capable of accelerating payment optimization while increasing security.

Through this partnership, Boost will provide its B2B payment processing solution to Robobai’s clients, which uses AI to enable different organizations in the industry to gain a better understanding of their spending. Having a better handle on these processes can allow specialists to leverage their time and ensure that security remains a priority.

“Combining AI-driven data with Boost’s fast, secure processing for commercial cards can provide customers with the best of both worlds, allowing businesses to understand the opportunities within their supply chains and optimize them with fast, smart payments,” Boost CRO Lou Longhi said. Boost has long been engaged in strategic partnerships to simplify payment processing and streamline accounts payable.

For its part, Robobai makes use of AI to make it easier for online casino operators to complete supplier compliance, risk assessment and insights. Robobai’s platform highlights opportunities to optimize payments to suppliers. Joining forces with Boost will pave the way for customers to open these opportunities quickly and effectively.

Robobai CEO and founder Julian Harris said that data can also be helped with this new solution. He added, “By introducing digital payments, not only do you get the benefit in the case of the working capital benefit, but you can also send along with that transaction an unlimited amount of data in a host of different formats.”