Artificial intelligence advances continue to offer greater opportunities in the iGaming space

Among the applications of artificial intelligence (AI), its use for personalized marketing that makes it more efficient shines brightly. AI technologies help marketing departments analyze the large volumes of data generated by omnichannel marketing, and use it to create more personalized and better-targeted marketing campaigns. Many operators in the iGaming industry use this tool to have a much more attractive platform for their players.

Some classic marketing concepts, such as the differentiation between B2B and B2C approaches, are losing weight. As technology advances, so do customer expectations, and the business-to-business (B2B) buyer wants similar facilities, convenience and personalization to those he enjoys as a simple consumer.

Hyper-personalized interaction through any channel at any time is no longer desirable but essential. Customers now want to interact on their own terms and expect companies to deliver experiences every time.

It’s a fact that the more you know about a player, the more likely you are to influence their purchase decision, so personalization of advertising based on detailed analysis of personal data is of great use. For this purpose, AI provides a fundamental tool: the chatbot. This improves the user experience and the strategy for displaying products/services and increases efficiency in customer support and specific knowledge about particular tastes and needs.

With AI tools, online casinos can monitor and analyze every move their make on social networks and how their audience responds. They can track things like the performance of their ads, user engagement on individual posts, audience reach and the actions people take after viewing their content.