Sports gambling enthusiasts now have the power of AI to make better selections

The sports gambling industry now has a new tool that can create unique player prop bets using artificial intelligence (AI). One of the industry leaders in AI applied to sports, STATS, has officially announced its new STATS VQ platform, which uses collected data and machine learning empowered by AI to make accurate player predictions for sports gambling companies. STATS VQ was created with a proprietary algorithm and AI to get the largest database possible obtained even from all historical data available. This tool can revolutionize the sports gambling operations since predicting the result of the games is one of the hardest things to do, and it is currently done mostly manually.

Each prediction of the game is created using thousands of data points and advancements in AI, producing results of the most likely outcomes of matchups and individual players. “For years, sportsbooks in the UK and Las Vegas have been using player props and predictions created through traditional data,” said Dr. Helen Sun, Chief Technology Officer at STATS. She added that STATS VQ technology improves over time and that it has the potential to take player props and predictions to be fueled mostly by technology “using STATS’ industry-leading depth of data and advanced AI capabilities to help improve the props and lines created around games leading to better pricing management, more revenue generation and improved bettor engagement,” added Sun.

STATS has been introducing useful products to the gaming industry. Those services are meant to simplify processes of prediction, visualization and bettor engagement, which are presently being used by the world’s largest sportsbooks and fantasy companies. This is the first AI-software in the market to predict not only match results, but also players props, and it is currently live for only two major leagues, the NFL and NBA. However, the company plans to expand the service to cover all major US sports.