Artificial intelligence is smart enough to interpret all types of data, regardless of its order

Machine learning based on Artificial intelligence (AI) enables iGaming industry operators to gather a greater volume of insights from structured and unstructured data compared to what they could otherwise gather with traditional business intelligence solutions. It is well known that data is a critical part of business decision-making. In most cases, the level of success can be increased if a casino manages to collect the right data, interpret it and act on those insights, and that’s where AI implementation has come in.

Currently, different online casino operators are in search of effective solutions that convert unstructured data into structured data. According to the MIT Sloan Group, 80% of all data is inaccessible, insecure, and unanalyzable. However, operators face a number of challenges such as geographic location, type of data storage, data governance, security and analysis of this information in on-premise or cloud environments. On the other hand, if deep analysis of unstructured data is carried out, it can form the basis for better and more comprehensive services, leading to completely new business models.

Clear examples of unstructured data are rich media, text, social media activity, surveillance images, etc. With advances in AI, marketers in the gambling industry now have at hand the means to refine their strategies by listening directly to the voice of their customers (VoC) and potential customers. By employing this service and automated learning techniques, much of the unstructured data can be transformed into sufficient materials for marketing to be improved, and that makes the industry’s success even greater.