Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and can help casinos improve their customer interaction

One of the features that artificial intelligence (AI) has brought to the daily routines of a lot of people is virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s assistant. During recent years, the use of this AI-powered software has been gaining popularity and for a good reason; these assistants can do a lot of things for users and save plenty of time. The gambling industry, especially the online industry, has been integrating technological advancements that are able to make use of this type of virtual helpers while increasing the level of engagement the venues have with customers.

For online gaming companies, giving personalized treatment to users can be complicated, and it is one of the main differences it has with land-based casinos. However, besides AI being used to read customer’s patterns and give more personalized offers, some online gambling sites have been implementing these assistants to communicate with the customer and get to know the player’s preferences. They can also, in some instances, anticipate the customer’s desires. Also, these assistants can be taught to propose events of interest by using machine learning technology.

Another aspect that can promote more customer engagement is the assistance they can give navigating through a website, which can be confusing for new customers. For instance, an AI software in the casino site can receive voice commands to guide a player who requests to see the odds or to go exactly where he or she needs to in order to place a bet. Certainly, a player who receives that kind of personalized assistance when first visiting a site would continue using it without wanting to search for alternative operators.

On top of that, virtual assistants can be proactive and remind users about upcoming events or promotions that are worthy. Sometimes sites have so many offerings that players forget to sign on specific promotions they might be interested in. This is where this feature can be of great use.