Next-generation casinos are offering next-generation experiences

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) integration, online casinos might very well be leading the way. In virtually all aspects of the online gaming experience, AI is helping iGaming operators get an edge and produce better results for both the company and the gamer. As online casinos compete for a larger piece of the market share, they continually turn to AI to help boost their offerings, creating next-generation experiences that are driving even better innovation and a more complete gaming experience. AI-based virtual reality (VR) is taking this a step further, providing a solution that is even more robust and life-like, and which now rivals the environment found in brick-and-mortar casinos.

As VR becomes more accessible and affordable, it continues to grow substantially. By 2022, the VR market is expected to be worth around $117 billion, and online casinos are helping drive that growth. According to Juniper Research, wagers made using VR technology will reach as much as $520 billion in that same time. Untethered VR solutions are arriving, as well, which will only propel the growth more.

VR can give online casinos the ability to offer complete social interaction, something previous versions of iGaming was missing. This is driving interest on the part of gamers who want to enjoy the casino experience without having to leave home. Voice-controlled VR, instead of the previous hand gestures, is allowing gamers to act as if they were in a brick-and-mortar casino, and the settings are as realistic as those in a live gambling venue.

Because VR and AI are growing so quickly, there is no shortage of options that online casinos are willing to include. They are focusing their efforts on developing quality products that will attract more visitors, and the iGaming casino available in just a few short years will be virtually the same as what is found in retail casinos today.