All forms of gambling activity are being improved with the introduction of new customer experience tools

One of the biggest changes that artificial intelligence (AI) is working on bringing to the business world is the automation of companies’ processes. Especially in the customer service area, automation can bring many benefits through the use of chatbots. Customers care about getting their concerns addressed as soon as possible rather than just getting service from a real person. One of the aspects the gambling industry cares most about is the customer experience, and that includes the quality of customer service provided. Integrating this service, along with experienced agents, can provide the gambling industry with tools to be able to address any service request from customers.

In general, automating processes can bring other benefits to a company such as cost reductions or minimize the need for constant recruitment and training. At some point in time, AI will be able to decrease the need to recruit humans for certain tasks, but, for now, that is not the main purpose of these robots. Many times, it is just about giving more efficient tools to agents, so they perform better but without replacing them completely. New technology will always find some kind of resistance in its beginnings, although it is not expected for chatbots to magically improve the customer’s experience; they don’t have empathy and have a long learning path before surpassing the customer service given by the best agents.

According to Minter Dial, an author and expert on customer service, leadership and AI areas, leaders from gambling companies need to make sure about what is the expected outcome of adding chatbot services if it is either reducing costs or improving the customer’s experience. KLM is a gambling company that has excelled in the implementation of this service through the use of Digital Genius AI as it sought to make the customer service agent role more valuable.