Improving customer service is one advantage of using AI-based chatbots

It is usual to hear about the famous chatbot that is so often implemented in customer services. Many operators in the iGaming industry need to streamline and optimize communication channels with players, and the implementation of a chatbot based on artificial intelligence (AI) can make a big difference.

The chatbot is a type of virtual assistant that in customer service can have different uses, and can be used in different channels. In short, it is software that simulates a real conversation and integrates with various channels, such as instant messaging apps or social networks, to automate direct communication with the customer.

Offering chatbots in the different channels that users use allows online casinos to interact with players where and when they feel most comfortable. This way, you don’t force users to adapt to a channel they are not familiar with, and you can provide a response through the medium the person uses.

Through the chatbot, iGaming operators can satisfy their customers in the channel in which they are most comfortable, showing a clear concern for eradicating all the doubts they have no matter what time it is. The implementation of a chatbot allows operators to be online 24/7 to answer players’ queries or complaints. Operators don’t have to hire a team that is online all day, but it will be enough to predetermine the chatbot responses to different queries.

The AI will be in charge of providing immediate answers at any time of the day. This aspect is also important considering that companies can even reduce the costs of the customer service team on the platform. On the other hand, chatbots can even be trained to detect anger in a customer service interaction and react with empathy, something 100% important in customer service.