Expect the customer experience to have a completely different feel in the future

Considering the many functionalities artificial intelligence (AI) has, it is clear that it has come to help humans to simplify time-intensive, complicated tasks that have been done by humans throughout history. Even if the integration of AI is still on its infancy, it is quite widespread across several different industries, including gambling. One aspect that is common in all industries, and which is being revolutionized by AI, is the customer experience through the use of chatbots. These are currently being adopted as the first line of interaction with customers, but have the potential to completely take over customer service operations in the casino industry.

The chatbots available to companies nowadays are capable of handling multiple types of questions and queries, providing support and updates to clients and, at the same time, offering an innovative and efficient service that is destined to improve the overall client experience. When it comes to getting a concern addressed, waiting is one of the worst things for customers, especially if it involves money. Even though casinos work really hard to provide prompt service to customers, there are times in which there is a lot of waiting involved. Chatbots are poised to change this and other aspects of the UX as it continues to leverage AI to continue learning and improve the answers given to customers regarding the time that it takes, and the quality of the information provided.

As a society that continues to move towards online businesses, chatbots will evolve to play a more essential role, especially for online gaming. The market is flooded with attractive promotions and bonus schemes that sometimes are not accessible to people who do not speak the same language – as it happens on online casinos that provide global services – there is no one available to explain things further. This is something chatbots can learn easily as they can be programmed to communicate in other languages and give certain explanations. Historically, the customer service department involves a lot of human talent, which means it costs a lot more, so the implementation of chatbots could signify, in the near future, reducing operational costs by using fewer human agents and more chatbots to serve customers.