Artificial intelligence will give NuxGame advanced tools to innovate the gaming space

Symplify recently enhanced its social portfolio after securing a deal with NuxGame. The Stockholm-based company is a leader in the solutions market thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI) and CRM-based cloud platform. Its footprint within the iGaming market continues to grow and this new partnership is a clear example of that.

NuxGame has elevated its recognition by providing constant access to some of the best content that players experience in online casinos. Their business can now be taken to the next level by gaining access to Symplify’s state-of-the-art software.

NuxGame will be able to make business growth more effective by utilizing on-site recommendations and predictive marketing. It will also optimize the management of different channels, such as email, internal social channels, Web Push messaging, print, and dynamic web. Symplify also features AI and CRM-based solutions, which will undoubtedly be an added advantage for NuxGame, paving the way for it to present a highly personalized and optimized experience.

Symplify’s AI modules will also be key to the responsible gaming that NuxGame is focused on today. As a result, the company will be able to track behaviors and enable preemptive moves. Its marketing strategies will also reach new levels, leading to higher customer satisfaction and better lifetime value.

“We pride ourselves on delivering top-grade gaming content for our partners through numerous products, including our Global Payment Solutions, Website API, Sports Engine, and more which we implement in an efficient and timely manner,” NuxGame’s CEO Daniel Heywood noted. “Working with Symplify will allow us to maximize the impact for our audiences by optimizing our marketing strategies and, in turn, expand upon these possibilities for our clients, increasing the LTV of players by leveraging a personalized AI-optimized experience.”