Advances in artificial intelligence make it the best option to secure iGaming networks

The first step in establishing the best defense against a potential cyberattack is to incorporate a solution that includes preventive monitoring, user education and proper patching and incident management. Today, however, options have been developed that can go beyond this basic configuration. One of the best is precisely the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity.

Operators in the iGaming industry know how essential it is to have a defense mechanism to protect both users and the platform. Therefore, AI has emerged as a key ally. AI and machine learning are constantly improving cybersecurity capabilities to the point where it could be argued that the next generation of defense relies heavily on robotics.

AI is about a system that has been taught to perform specific tasks without being explicitly programmed. This is the factor that enables cybersecurity solutions to analyze and learn data more efficiently and accurately. This makes it the new cybersecurity priority for enterprise IT departments.

AI-based systems collaborate by categorizing attacks according to the threat level. Cybersecurity managers, in turn, assign the priority with which each must be addressed, starting with the most dangerous to the online casino’s information status.

Malware attacks and others that may arise are also evolving, making threats faster and more sophisticated. Using sophisticated algorithms, AI systems are being trained to identify malware, perform pattern recognition and detect suspicious behavior before malware or ransomware enters the online casinos’ systems.

AI-enabled systems can help determine IT asset inventory, with details of all devices, users and applications with different levels of access to different systems. In addition, AI-based systems can predict how and where data can be compromised. In this way, it is able to plan and allocate resources to specific areas with indications of vulnerabilities.