Artificial intelligence-based security screening at casinos is safer and more efficient

The need to keep casino patrons safe at all times is a major challenge for casinos, especially following the deadly attack by Stephen Craig Paddock from the Mandalay Bay in 2017. However, scanning every person that visits a casino or a resort would be overly time-consuming and a burden on guests. Artificial intelligence (AI) has already shown that it can be used to effectively screen everyone entering casinos, and the latest iteration of the technology could soon be the standard at all gaming facilities.

Evolv Technology has created an AI-based touchless security screening solution, Evolv Express, which allows casinos to provide more widespread security measures. Instead of having to walk through a metal detector individually, casino guests can casually enter the facility without being slowed down. An additional thermal imaging component can be activated to scan guests for health issues, such as COVID-19.

Evolv Express is already in use at casinos, with the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino currently adding its name to the list. The system is now being installed, and CEO and GM Rodney Ferguson explains, “The health and safety of our guests and team members continues to be our number one priority. This new technology allows us to ramp up our efforts while continuing to provide guests the entertainment and service they’ve come to expect.”

The technology will be used at all of the property’s guest entrances – the main lobby, the parking garage Skyway and the hotel lobby. Guests do not have to stop to be scanned, nor do they have to empty their pockets or have their bags checked. Evolv Technology CEO Peter George adds, “Potawatomi Hotel & Casino is known for delivering an industry-best guest experience. Proactively addressing concerns brought on by issues like viruses and concealed weapons is paramount for venues to help people feel safe while enjoying their leisure time. It’s in keeping with Potawatomi’s well-earned ‘customer-first’ reputation to be setting the pace for other casinos and hotels.”