More virtual sports alternatives are being developed thanks to advances in AI

If a global pandemic would have hit the world in the same way the coronavirus is impacting the world right now, without the current advancement of technology, it would have been even harder to face. During this self-isolation period, technology has been capable of keep people connected, no matter their location, as well as offer countless options for entertainment, maybe even sports. The world of sports has been shut down until further notice in most countries across the world, leaving many industries servicing sports and fans with no worthy sports activity. The sports gambling industry has been bleeding out since then, but artificial intelligence (AI) is here to help. AI-empowered software is getting fed with sports information from all sources to power up virtual sports like never seen before.

Avid sports gamblers might be facing a solution to the lack of sports action to put money on as virtual sports are coming to fill the current void. Sportsbooks have scarcely two or three live events to offer bets on, so they have been exploring new ways of bringing new entertainment to customers. For instance, most betting sites in the UK are featuring clockwork sessions of virtual sports that run one after another, every few minutes or so. From soccer and all major sports leagues in the US to watch horses in a racetrack, virtual sports offer something for everyone.

Something that has been a challenge for gamblers is the speed in which these virtual events are run. Horse races start every two minutes without leaving much space for customers to get information regarding the horses, shape and odds to win. It basically has the gamblers betting blind to one side. These events mimic what happens in real life, based on past statistics and results, giving gamblers something to bet on. They are rapidly gaining popularity, and even some national events are being held to serve as a substitute for mainstream sporting events.