The casinos of yesterday will soon be replaced completely by new technology

The gambling industry handles large amounts of cash every day; therefore, creating a safe and secure environment for the company while maintaining visitors as a priority. Over a hundred casino executives, industry analysts and lawyers came together last Friday at the UNLV Boyd School of Law for a day-long marathon primer on artificial intelligence (AI). This event had members of the industry sharing their thoughts on emerging technologies for casino security like machine learning (ML) and facial recognition (FR), which can take land-based casino operations to the next level.

There are many applications that ML and FR can bring to casinos in basically every aspect of its operations. But FR could bring a lot of benefits to casino security by allowing camera-equipped slot machines to recognize and log in VIP players, which can potentially impact things like fraud detection, players banned from the casino and even self-banned players. Another benefit of using FR could be the easiness to snag new players in any of the existing customer loyalty programs, to enhance the experience.

FR can also be taken to table games, where cameras could dramatically reduce the work that pit managers have to do. They can identify and track players instantly thanks to the AI-powered cameras for facial recognition, instead of having to track those players by the clothes on their back. Perhaps one of the big changes that the use of biometrics and AI software on casinos is the social impact of helping players with gambling addiction. Security cameras could identify the person in a matter of seconds – in case he or she was already banned from the casino – or detect a risky behavior that has turned unhealthy or addictive and let the casino operator know so further actions to be taken.

Thinking about how the future could be reshaped in land-based casinos, imagine entering one of the largest iconic casinos on the Last Vegas Strip and, when you are seated in front of flashing slot machines, the game will greet you with your name and a warm welcome as if it came from an old friend.