The work environment can be enhanced significantly with artificial intelligence

Analog and digital machines have always been used to help designers of work environments to calculate work performances and to automate tasks, a goal that is now being pursued through artificial intelligence (AI) tools and applications. Culture in the work environment, as essential as it is, is not far behind, and iGaming operators are making use of this innovative technology in order to take this area to another level.

According to different studies and surveys, reports indicate that most online casinos saw improvements in collective learning, team morale, and collaboration once AI entered the room. This report also indicates that the cultural benefits result in economic benefits. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats, as the saying goes.

Today, labor relations are changing and a new type of actor, the AI, has appeared. Now that AI has taken center stage, managers are employing the latest developments in a variety of ways. Information is stored about the activities of workers and job applicants over time: their phone calls, their use of computers and “smart cards,” and lately, even physical movements and feelings, as well as social networking activity, are being monitored and tracked.

In the field of human resources, the information collected is used to train algorithms capable of making predictions related to the talent and ability of workers and candidates in the iGaming industry. The goals are to monitor, evaluate and stimulate performance, to set goals and assess work results, to connect workers with customers and to judge moods and emotions.