The use of AI-based facial recognition continues to expand across the casino industry

Starting next year, visitors to casinos and pubs in New South Wales (NSW) will be able to have a much more enjoyable and safer experience thanks to the implementation of new facial recognition technology. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), it is planned to stop problem gamblers and create an addiction-free environment in the establishments.

Intended to be implemented in local club hotels by 2023, the systems have been developed by a partnership between the Association and Clubs NSW. The purpose of the partnership is to help operators identify gambling addicts in clubs across the state.

In order to carry out the process, the faces of problem gamblers will be scanned and the images will be matched with a state-of-the-art AI-based system. This database will be used to monitor gambling addicts who have opted to participate in a self-exclusion plan to stay away from gambling.

John Landis, CEO of Clubs NSW, claims that nearly 100 clubs have made the decision to implement this technology and so far have had nothing but extremely positive results. Landis assures that these establishments have demonstrated their willingness to keep their customers protected.

The head of the Australian Hotel Association of New South Wales, John Whelan, explained that this process follows a successful trial with six hotels. He says the AI-based technology gives employees the ability to accurately identify problem gamblers who have previously banned themselves from gambling. As a result, their opportunity to gamble will be denied.