Artificial intelligence makes it easier for iGaming operators to cater to their users

As the demand for an enhanced and personalized customer experience increases, organizations in the iGaming industry are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help bridge the gap. Advances in AI in user support continue to pave the way for increased efficiencies throughout the organization, especially in customer service in general. Operators in the iGaming market are very appreciative of what this technology is able to do with their operations as time progresses.

One of the most common uses of AI in customer service is chatbots. Online casinos already use chatbots of varying complexity to handle routine questions such as payment dates, balance due, the status of any request, or anything else derived from internal systems.

By moving these frequently asked questions to a chatbot, the customer service team can help more people and create a better overall experience. At the same time, they can reduce the company’s operating costs.

In many modern omnichannel contact centers, agent assistance technology uses AI in customer service to automatically interpret what the customer is asking, search for knowledge articles, and display them on the customer service operator’s screen as they take the call. The process can save time for the agent and the customer and can decrease the average handling time, which also reduces costs.

Self-service refers to customers being able to identify and find the help they need without relying on a customer service representative. Most players, when given the option, would prefer to solve problems themselves if provided with the right tools and information. As AI in customer service advances, self-service features will become more widespread and allow customers the opportunity to resolve issues on their schedules.