Marketing during the holidays is always a monumental task, but artificial intelligence is making it simpler

The entire marketing segment is going through an overhaul this year, mostly brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Almost three-quarters of marketers have acknowledged that their current-year marketing plans have had to be adjusted from their original layouts since the year has advanced, which puts a strain on budgets and goals. Casinos are just as active in marketing as any industry, and the changing marketing ecosystem is being given a boost by artificial intelligence (AI).

Marketing has always been built around data. However, that data is now more important than ever. Marketers have to take advantage of the data that’s available, which is currently not as much because of COVID-19, to generate winning plans that will lead to greater success. In addition, the coronavirus situation is forcing changes in consumer habits, which makes the marketer’s job more difficult.

AI is helping marketers by bringing forward machine learning algorithms and data science best practices to develop solutions that can better categorize customer behavior. Casinos are able to use this data to better prepare their promotions and bonuses so they’re adaptable from one minute to the next, giving them the ability to constant stay on top of the evolving consumer sentiment. AI allows them to respond faster with more complete information in order to be able to adjust their marketing plans on the fly.

This trend won’t stop once COVID-19 is brought under control, either. Now that casino operators have seen how advantageous AI is to improved marketing, they will continue to use the technology on a regular basis to formulate more attractive models, as well as to improve the customer experience.