Artificial intelligence allows iGaming marketers to take their creativity to new levels

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based predictive analytics learn customer behavior at every action or inaction to determine when and how their next move will occur. In an industry as competitive as iGaming, you need to accurately predict when players are about to leave, go inactive, or intend to make a purchase. This may be the movement necessary for marketers to engage these users to maximize their value to the brand.

iGaming marketers need to make use of integrated handheld tactics and use cases developed from industry-specific insights. Together with AI optimization, this technology helps to create sophisticated campaigns that are ready to activate in a few clicks. AI-enabled targeting, content selection, channel execution, and timing are at the heart of delivering true 1-to-1 personalization, resulting in incremental revenue growth in days.

Thanks to AI, online casinos are able to combine the best content for each player with service or incentive recommendations to amplify results while improving cost efficiency, all with minimal manual effort. As a result, marketing campaigns can demonstrate to customers that you understand what makes them engage with a brand by automatically providing content on their preferred channel.

Because of the next best action provided by AI, marketers in the iGaming sector will be able to develop wiser decisions to recommend and finalize the most desired transaction for a player. The real-time aspect differentiates the next best action from other marketing decisions because it is based on a specific event as it is happening. Achieving this with a specific customer may be easy, but when managing a large-scale campaign, AI can be the game changer.

AI is able to understand context, analyze behavior and generate a decision dynamically and in near real-time. Importantly, machine learning is able to identify behavioral signals at scale, selecting the right action when more than one option is available.