Artificial intelligence is a strong ally in keeping systems safe from intrusion

The combination of computing power and the availability of immense amounts of information has enabled the development of a long-standing human ambition. To delegate to machines tasks that until now were limited to him alone, such as making predictions in complex environments and making decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly come to change the landscape. In the field of cybersecurity, which is about avoiding risks around digital assets, AI has a wide scope for action, something that the iGaming market is taking advantage of lately.

AI, as a set of predictive and self-learning techniques, is helping to improve cybersecurity. It does this by continuously calibrating algorithms as they are exposed to new information. For example, AI has the ability to automate identity and access management (IAM) security measures.

The increasing adoption of trusted security frameworks has made the importance of IAM much more relevant today. Users of an online casino platform need to be continuously authenticated, authorized, and validated.

To achieve this, many specialists require hours of manual labor, but AI can change that by introducing intelligent automation into security systems. Through its capabilities, this technology can analyze and monitor user activities, and everything related to their access and identity. AI can be involved from the moment of account creation and login to the interaction with service accounts.

With AI, operators can also optimize compliance efforts. By using AI, rules and regulatory requirements can be effectively applied to data in complex networks. A solution such as this is essential, knowing that several firms have assured that more than 300 million new regulations are expected over the next decade in the industry.

In addition, AI has the potential to improve the security related to the cloud network. Hybrid cybersecurity solutions involving AI that can monitor and analyze data in multiple environments will become a necessity as time goes on. Many legacy systems do not have the ability to monitor data in the cloud, but AI enhances cybersecurity in such a way that this will no longer be a concern.