iGaming operators pay huge to acquire new customers, but AI can reduce those expenses

Adapting to new technologies is essential. To resist is to condemn processes to loss of effectiveness and productivity. With this in mind, it is undeniable that artificial intelligence (AI) plays a predominant role in reducing costs, especially when it comes to acquiring new customers. In an industry like iGaming, this is extremely important, and operators have now raised the level of their marketing to attract new users. Best of all, with the implementation of AI, this does not necessarily translate into higher costs, but rather the opposite.

AI can automate processes, aid in decision making, increase productivity, reduce administrative workload, streamline data processing, minimize bureaucracy and optimize a myriad of processes that directly impact cost reduction and increased productivity.

With the high demand of online casinos and new gaming platforms that operators face to compete on a daily basis, the need to perform an impeccable user acquisition management is born, which becomes an obligation, but not an option, if they really want to be successful.

It is important to have access to complements that create the perfect gear so that the processes that go through the different areas are one. This is achieved through automation and centralization of information in one place. The AI is also responsible for sending content and offers from online casinos to customers automatically, based on their preferences and the phase of the customer journey they are in.

In this way, messages are personalized, making them relevant to each player based on their needs. This is especially important with existing customers: 91% are more likely to become consumers if they receive offers that are relevant to them, according to several studies.

There are thus marketing automation tools that generate personalized campaigns according to user behavior and interactions with a brand. It is also applicable to e-mail marketing. AI tools, for example, choose the best time to send a campaign according to past interactions.