Future Anthem is making it easier for gaming operators to track user data through AI

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) make it the ideal tool to help iGaming studios improve their customer experience based on the data received and collected. Many brands in this sector have started to use this innovative technology to predict users’ behavior and make them understand what they really want and need. AI and data science pioneer Future Anthem now brings a new service for iGaming studios to raise their game.

Through the new solution, operators in this sector will now be able to unlock a wealth of relevant data. As a result, they can increase player retention and revenue using behavioral and predictive AI. Future Anthem’s AI Amplifier analyzes player-level data on a turn-by-turn basis to humanize the information to uncover player behavior.

This being the case, iGaming studios can now know when and how often players play certain games, as well as any gaming patterns that determine a trend. This platform is powered by Anthemetrics, the world’s largest behavioral data set for casinos.

This performance optimization module paves the way for operators and studios to obtain a product capable of improving the performance of the game portfolio and to design, launch and promote games effectively and with greater confidence. User understanding will undoubtedly become an essential tool to offer the most desired service.

“We’ve worked closely with leading slot studios over the last few months to analyze player data. The level of data we’ve been able to deliver has been second to none,” Leigh Nissim, CEO of Future Anthem, said. “These suppliers are now able to personalize the player experience on a level that’s never been seen before, helping them get far ahead of their competitors.”