There are several advantages to incorporating AI into casinos’ existing security programs

Security measures are an essential necessity that have accompanied the history of mankind. Whether as a businessperson or homeowner or as a public or private institution, security is an issue that concerns us all. Physical casinos are clearly not exempt from this list, and with the number of criminal incidents recorded in recent years, implementing artificial intelligence (AI) into the equation seems to be a decision that many operators are making. This technology is taking the level of security to the next level and both owners and parlors are beginning to feel much more protected,

On the physical security side, more and more casinos have upgraded their data-related capabilities and integrated AI into their business processes. In the coming years, it is very likely that AI will become even more prevalent. Just as mobile strategies have been internalized in business, very soon, AI will be the standard in security, perhaps even sooner than we think.

There are still different casinos using standard security solutions such as video surveillance, access control and cloud management, but with better analytics and AI integrations. These systems have the ability to operate more efficiently to manage physical security threats and further improve resource utilization.

The use of live facial recognition prevents players on the casino’s blacklist for activities such as card counting in blackjack from returning, and potential troublemakers are also excluded. This similar happens when AI applications identify the entry of a weapon or device that could threaten people’s integrity.

All this can help casino security agents to act accordingly and in a much more appropriate manner. This autonomy and process improvement free personnel to focus on strategy, decision making and human response.