Only AI is capable of processing the massive amounts of data received daily by iGaming operators

Data is a valuable resource that can be used to improve the customer’s transactional journey in the iGaming space. However, it is also the means through which scammers and fraudsters craft their attacks. The intersection of digital and data security must be properly managed and only advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), can help iGaming operators meet consumer expectations while keeping them safe.

The smooth and streamlined customer experience is critical because the lines that have separated digital from physical commerce and have divided activities such as banking, payments and entertainment have faded. Over the past year, there has been an unprecedented migration of payments and interactions that have moved online and digital interactions have been the conduit for all interactions in life. However, as the end of the pandemic seems to be right around the corner, and as vaccines are being rolled out, the great digital shift will continue. That prediction is borne out by stats from the payments network, where there had been an additional $900 billion spent, globally, on retail eCommerce in 2020.

A growing number of interactions will take place digitally and the amount of data that will be flowing in the iGaming space needs to be properly assessed, protected and stored. The spike in digital connections between consumers, businesses and governments means that data will grow in waves, and the relationships between all of those stakeholders will become increasingly complex and AI is going to make it possible to keep up with all of the shifts. Managing an infinite amount of data is challenging and overwhelming, and only AI is capable of keeping up with the monumental task.

AI is able to better protect data from being compromised, which means the user experience is improved. Whether the interaction is fleeting or ongoing, consumer expectations are uniform — they expect to be safe, regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes, and AI is making that possible.