As iGaming continues to develop, casino operators are getting more functionality from AI tools

The iGaming space is developing quickly and is becoming as much a social gathering place as a gambling platform. One of the drawbacks that previously kept some gamblers away was the lack of social interaction, but this has changed significantly in recent years. However, as more iGaming platforms include chat and other communication functions, there has been an increase in the negative aspect associated with social interaction – the bullies and the spam that no one wants to deal with. As it has already done in so many situations, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to the rescue and is cleaning up social platforms for online casinos, removing the toxic behavior and creating a more enjoyable atmosphere.

One AI tool created specifically to address toxic online behavior is Minerva. It is able to detect and immediately respond to toxic situations and, according to its developer, FACEIT, it has analyzed over 1.4 billion chat messages since launching last year. That led to the detection of 1.9 million toxic messages for which Minerva automatically issued warnings, and also led to over 100,000 online gamers being banned.

Minerva does more than just target toxic messages. It can also detect and alert to other types of annoying behavior and sounds in voice chats that can affect players’ actions. The AI can identify things like screaming and loud music by reviewing audio files and applying its technology to recognize negative behavior. Once an issue is discovered, Minerva reacts appropriately, issuing a warning or, if multiple violations by a single person are found, banning that individual.