Artificial intelligence is making surveillance systems stronger and more complete for casinos

There are places where a good video surveillance system can be essential. One example is casinos and gambling houses. Where money moves and there is a constant flow of people, security becomes a priority, something that video analytics systems can take care of. That is why many casino operators have opted to give artificial intelligence (AI) a chance. This technology has proven to be able to eradicate security problems not only online, but also in physical establishments.

AI allows the casino to maintain perimeter surveillance at all times in any large or high-traffic space. This will help to keep track of any suspicious activity so that security operatives can intervene if necessary. Detecting a fight, a robbery or the presence of a player using fraudulent methods to win are some of the advantages that this tool will provide.

In casinos, monitoring who enters can be critical. In this sense, AI provides specific functionalities to control crowds and analyze data on each individual accessing the establishment. This will help to detect problem customers, but will also help to prevent theft or other problems.

The very nature of machine learning and AI systems makes facial recognition possible. This is a very useful security measure in casinos, where it will sometimes be necessary to detect the presence of an individual who has caused problems in the past, even if it is in the crowd. Thus, for example, cheaters will have a hard time repeating.