It’s becoming more difficult for online gamers to try to game the system

Online gaming is a billion-dollar industry that is currently booming, leading operators in the industry to start competing more evenly with the big live gambling venues. So far, it has done an outstanding job. However, it comes with a few challenges to be overcome, such as the increased tendency for developing a gaming addiction, as well as attempts from certain players to cheat the system and other players out of their money through collusion. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now using smart computer and machine-learning technologies to help online gaming sites to tackle collusion, one of the most difficult aspects to control in the online gaming scene.

There are a few AI-based companies already offering these solutions to online gambling sites, such as online poker, casinos or online rummy sites. “Technologies like AI, ML, cloud, data analytics are disrupting the gaming ecosystem, not just at the development stage but also improving the user experience to a never before seen extent,” said Sameer Barde, CEO of the non-for-profit The Rummy Federation, which has been implementing these technologies for a while. Barde said that online gaming sites are using new technologies to establish patterns of behavior in order to detect collision instances among players, fraud and even helping with customer retention.

“We also rely on complex data-science models for real-time fraud detention to ensure fair play for players at all times,” said Ankush Gera, Founder & CEO of Junglee Games. This company has been working on developing solutions to the gaming industry with the help of over 100 collaborators. The most common fraud detected occurs with players either passing cards or sharing card information against the same opponent or group, even the winning/losing patterns can be analyzed to discover more. These AI-powered platforms are also programmed to give players a cool-down period whenever the software finds any kind of problem or situation – for instance, a player playing for too long, or losing too much money.