Artificial intelligence continues to offer cutting-edge solutions to protect online gaming platforms

As networks become larger and data becomes more complex, the ability to properly analyze it becomes more difficult. It is no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be able to provide robust functions to the cybersecurity needs of operators within the iGaming industry and it is becoming inevitable to use it.

With today’s cyber-attacks, AI ends up being a vitally important tool. Its ability to automate threat detection, respond more effectively and obtain advanced analytics ensure the protection of networks, servers, websites and other corporate platforms. For example, online casinos are now able to detect new threats on their platforms thanks to AI.

Using sophisticated algorithms, AI systems are trained to detect threats, perform pattern recognition and identify even the smallest behaviors of malware or ransomware attacks before they enter the online casino. After careful data collection, cybersecurity systems based on this powerful technology can identify popular trends among hackers by prioritizing what could be used to attack corporate networks.

AI systems also help determine IT asset inventory in an accurate and detailed record of all devices, software, applications and users with their respective accesses. It is, therefore, necessary to predict how and where the security of these assets are most likely to be compromised so that resources can be planned and allocated to the areas of greatest vulnerability. With AI, gaming operators can configure and improve controls and processes to strengthen your cyber resilience.

Finally, AI helps to better understand website traffic and to distinguish between good bots (such as search engine crawlers), bad bots and human-driven users. Together with machine learning, it analyzes this large amount of traffic by obtaining behavioral patterns that show the intent of the traffic in the online casino.