There are a multitude of advantages to online gaming, all enhanced with artificial intelligence

Ever since its origins gaming and gambling have offered something special to their customers that haven’t been replaced by any other industry in the past. The old saloons and parlors evolved into huge palaces that people know today as casinos, which continues to offer good-quality entertainment despite new forms of amusement. The special touch of fanciness, glamour and elegance experienced in land-based casinos is perhaps what had them not only persist, but also evolves through time. Artificial intelligence (AI) is understanding how to make that jump into a head to head competition against land-based casinos, to the point that in the near future it might become even more relevant than traditional casinos.

In an immersive experience inside of a brick and mortar casino, the polished wooden tables, the glittery slots and the sound of social activity are part of what attracts people to casinos. For online casinos, it has been quite a task to accomplish such an immersive experience as live casino gamblers have, with the background noise, the table accommodation and the premium treatment offered to gamblers. AI has brought online gaming to take a huge step forward in offering that experience to online players. Through data processing and machine learning algorithms, AI companies are powering up virtual reality (VR) scenes that soon will feel like the real thing.

With the help of a VR device, a gambler can be transported in a matter of seconds to virtual casinos all around the world. Not only that, but, with the current reach of AI, there can be social interaction with other gamblers inside of these virtual worlds. Additionally, AI is helping casino services improve their customer service by teaching machines how to give human-like responses. It is not close yet to what a real human service could be, but the more is done, the more the machines can learn. At some point, virtual online casinos can have dealers and waiters who are empowered by AI and that adapt to specific player’s needs and take the casino experience to a new level.