Artificial intelligence is helping take the online gaming industry into a new era

A host of technologies are coming together to keep the iGaming industry moving forward. Now it’s all about non-fungible tokens (NFT) and artificial intelligence (AI). Online casinos in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa will soon be able to take part in Aviatrix’s eponymous NFT online crash game. Pin-Up Casino has been the first partner to feature the game on its website, and many more are expected to follow suit as time progresses.

While the new game contains traditional slot game mechanics, it features unusual specifications that set it apart from many other online games. There is no doubt that this is yet another open door for iGaming to have a new look. Aviatrix has been awarded twice by renowned organizations in the industry. “Unique Selling Point” from Sigma Balkans and CIS, as well as the “Hackathon Winner” from Binance Smart Chain, led to these wins.

The title features a lifetime NFT-based loyalty program rarely seen on other platforms. Players use their own planes that are NFT. These digital assets have started to generate a great deal of popularity among iGaming players. This AI-based game gives users the ability to move their game assets from one operator to another and trade them on the embedded market in the near future.

If users are not interested or familiar with the notion of NFT and blockchain, they need not worry as such integration is programmed so as not to affect their experience. Aviatrix uses AI solutions to study thousands of casino games and see which features are the most popular among players in order to incorporate them into the product to meet everyone’s needs.