The iGaming industry is taking action to a whole new level

Technology, in some fashion, has been present since the beginning of civilization, and its recent advancements and new discoveries are taking some industries to the next level. Technology as a concept involves scientific knowledge and new applications of it, and the most recent technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), are finding great functionalities in more than one industry. Some of those advances are being tested and currently serving the online gaming industry, impacting sectors like online casinos or virtual games that are truly turning into quite a realistic experience for users.

In the online gaming sector, AI is helping developers improve how virtual computerized players react and act in response to players to deliver a unique customized experience. AI, through machine learning software, can use data to learn the human opponent’s behavior and adapt to it, putting up a great fight. The goal for these technologies is to help game creating a virtual experience that resembles reality, and now AI is being used to render a virtual video. This video imitates real video data that is then analyzed by the AI software.

VR is another technology that can make customers feel they are somewhere else through an immersive experience that is already reaching the gambling scene. There are online casinos already preparing casinos supported with VR that can take gamblers to the most iconic casinos in the world without moving from home. According to Eliasz Nowak, a regular online and offline casino user and casino expert, he can see how AI and VR are the future of the industry.

For some devices, it becomes hard to run certain games due to the memory usage it requires, and that is something that technology is changing efficiently. With cloud gaming, for instance, gamers need a compatible device and that is all, the devices will use the cloud power to run the games instead of the device itself. Another realistic experience for gamblers that do not want to play against computers is the live dealer service, with a real person dealing through a camera and provide a real casino experience.